PX 101


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Patient Experience 101 (PX 101) is a community-inspired and developed resource to build patient experience knowledge and skill for all employees across an organization. This easy-to-use educational resource will support and enhance your culture of patient experience excellence. The sessions focus on foundational knowledge and skills and provides tools and activities to facilitate discussions on what patient experience is, what to consider in ensuring the best experiences for all and how all roles within a healthcare organization impact experience excellence


PX Body of Knowledge

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The Body of Knowledge is a community-developed framework capturing domains and associated skills central to the role of the patient experience leader. The Body of Knowledge frames the field of patient experience, defines its core ideas and provides a clear foundation of knowledge that supports the consistent and continuous development of current and future leaders in the field. Download the Participant Guide for instructions and suggestions for completing the Body of Knowledge courses and monitoring your progress.

Each course consists of two parts:

Part 1: On-demand learning session providing comprehensive content overview 

Part 2: Facilitated virtual classroom offering the ability to discuss practical application. Class size is limited and a minimum number of participants is required to hold each course. Download a printable version of the 2022 virtual class calendar.